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    Furuncle – Definition

    There are different skin infections that you may experience throughout your life and one of these is furuncles. What is a furuncle? This could be the question that you have inside of your mind right now. This skin infection can affect anyone anytime but you do not have a reason to worry too much about it. There are lots of things you need to know about this. You must be aware of what is it, how does it develops and the best treatment options you may consider to relieve it.

    What is a Furuncle?

    This is the term used to describe an inflamed or infected follicle of hair. Furuncle is commonly known as boil. This common infection can happen to anyone regardless of age and physical condition. Typically, it will just disappear on its own yet there are steps which you can take for its fast healing. You can also consult your doctor and ask for a treatment if you want. Otherwise, you can do some actions to treat it at home.

    How a Furuncle Develops?

    You may have a furuncle when the fungi or bacteria touch the hair follicle and infection may start when it happens. Once developed, it will swell and will be filled with fluid. It is painful and hot; you may feel discomfort when you touch the furuncle. It can appear in any part of your body such as your nose or ears which can be extremely annoying.

    Furuncles will never be healed unless they burst and the infected content was expelled. Normally, the boil will rupture after several days and the fluid inside of it will be drained. After that, the healing process will begin. The use of hot compress can help in making the healing process fast.

    When you see that your boil has been opened, you must always make sure that is free from dirt to prevent infection. The infected area must be rinsed by using soap and hot water regularly. Likewise, you have to make it free from dirt when it is exposed to the environment.

    What are the Common Causes of a Furuncle?

    Typically, a boil is developed when a hair follicle becomes infected. However, furuncle is also associated with some health conditions. These are known to be the most common causes of it. These conditions are the following:

    • Obesity
    • Weak immunity
    • Diabetes
    • Acne vulgaris
    • Impetigo

    There are also some factors which are known as the probable causes of the development of furuncles. These may involve poor hygiene, hot and moist climates, and age. If you fail to take care of yourself and you fail to take a bath or wash your body every day, you have more chances to acquire this. It is because the bacteria may stick with your skin and you are exposed to contaminants in your everyday life. To avoid furuncles, you must maintain cleanliness and practice proper hygiene.

    Likewise, age is also a causative factor because elder persons tend to be more prone to infections than the younger individuals. They have poorer immunity so they are more likely to suffer from diseases and infections like this one.

    What are the Possible Complications of a Furuncle?

    Sometimes, you may have more than one boil at the same time. They may unite and become a carbuncle. This may also heal in the same way with a furuncle. However, it can be more painful and hidden for the first few days. If the infection gets worse, your doctor may drain & clean it manually. After the procedure, your furuncle will heal provided that you maintain it free from dirt.

    There are cases wherein the boil becomes an abscess which is a more severe infection. It requires treatment as it cannot be drained and resolved on its own. If you ignore it, other serious complications may occur.

    In case you have furuncles, you can do some actions in order to get rid of the discomfort and pain it brings to you. To make sure that complications will not occur, you should follow what your doctor will tell you. He or she may discourage you to avoid trying to drain or pop it at home. It may cause a scar on the area where the furuncle develops and it can spread the bacteria to the skin that surrounds it.

    How to Get Rid of a Furuncle?

    The best treatment for furuncle is no other than drainage. On the other hand, it can be done with no popping the sore. While your boil is painful and hot, you may apply a moist and warm washcloth to it. You can also soak the infected part in hot water. Any of these ways will draw the pus close to the facade. Any of these treatments you choose will force the boil to rupture and drain its content in just a week. In fact, the hotness of the water or the compress could also be helpful in relieving the indications of pain, itching and burning.

    It is very necessary to continue the treatment even when the boil drains its content. Some bacteria that cause the development of it may remain in the infected area even when the pus disappeared. Hence, you need to wash it carefully by using an antibacterial soap. It can help in preventing the furuncle from reoccurring.

    Usually, doctors are suggesting that the boil should be washed for at least twice or thrice a day. For every time it is cleaned, you need to apply a topical antibacterial cream which you can buy over the counter. To protect it from the potential contaminants, you may cover it with a clean and sterile bandage. Expect that you will be free from furuncles in just 2 weeks. For severe conditions, you may need to seek medical advice.

    To prevent having furuncles, you should practice proper hygiene. You should keep yourself clean at all times. Remember the dos and don’ts when it comes to personal hygiene. This way, you will be more able to avoid the risks of having certain skin infections such as boils.

    Furuncle treatment

    Furuncle is also called a boil. It is an inflammation of a hair follicle. The infection may be able to spread to any part of the body.

    Furuncle Treatment Home Remedy

    People who have a boil usually feel embarrassed and annoyed. This is not actually a pleasant topic, but, this is experienced by many people across the globe at some point of their lives.

    What Causes Furuncle?

    Some people often ignore the small and painful bumps on their skin because they don’t know what causes it and what it is.


    Furuncle in nose

    Similar to other types of furuncles that can develop anywhere in the body, the furuncle in your nose can also cause pain and other symptoms.


    Furuncle in the Ear

    Generally, furuncles on the ear infect children for the most part. However, adults can also be infected by this and can sometime suffer a painful experience depending on the size of it.

    Furuncle Vs Carbuncle

    What is the difference between a furuncle and a carbuncle? Well, you have to learn a lot of things about these two.